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Grundens Kids Zenith

Zenith jackets & bib pants

  • attached hood
  • covered snap front
  • retro-reflective stripes
  • bib pants with higher cut for more chest protection
  • side opening for easy dress & undress
  • detachable footsnap


Spartan carries The Cuban Assassin trawls, well known for its high catch rate, versatility and durability.

Key Features

  • Higher working life
  • High catch rate
  • Less drag
  • Versatility
  • High rise
  • Wide mouth shrimp trawls

Products We Carry

C.A. Trawls for silver hake
C.A. Trawls for groundfish
C.A. Trawls for red fish,
C.A. Trawls for flounders
C.A. Trawls for shrimp

Brands We Carry

  • Nova Brush
  • Nova Senior
  • Nova Giant high lift
  • Nova Killer trawl

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