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Grundens Kids Zenith

Zenith jackets & bib pants

  • attached hood
  • covered snap front
  • retro-reflective stripes
  • bib pants with higher cut for more chest protection
  • side opening for easy dress & undress
  • detachable footsnap

Wire Rope

Spartan carries a wide range of wire rope used in trawl manfucturing and lifting and rigging applications. Spartan carries all the popular classifactions from general purpose to aircraft cables to fishing rope.

Key Features

  • Wire grades 130/140 (2160/mm2) Extra Extra Improved Plow Type (EEIPS)
  • Grade 120/130 (1960/mm2) Extra Improved Plow Type (EIPS)
  • Fiber core offers greater flexibility than independant wire core
  • Aircraft cable is galvanized or stainless steel

Products We Carry

  • General purpose wire
  • Aircraft wire
  • Fiber core wire

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